You choose we play.

YouBox is a music jukebox that allows party guests to request songs they think will work well. YouBox will automatically learn which guests are the best DJ's and preferentially play their requests, making the party better as it goes along. To make this possible, the YouBox app automatically detect if you are enjoying yourself by measuring your dancing activity. And if you wish (and e.g. for seated parties), you can also explicitly express whether you like the current track using a simple like/dislike button.

Put the party first.

Party hosts create a party by specifying just its name, and optionally a description, a flyer, and the location. This is currently done by means of a Spotify app (pending approval by Spotify), but we plan to make plugins for Deezer, iTunes, and Windows Media Center as well. This returns a QR-code, which can be shared e.g. via facebook, or printed for display at the party.

Guests join a YouBox party by scanning the QR-code in the YouBox app (currently only Android, but in the future also iOS and Windows Phone), from which point onward they can view the party details (including flyer if provided), the current song (with like/dislike button), and request songs. No need to see or rate requests by others, to +1/-1 other requests, to curate the upcoming playlist, etc: YouBox puts your party first by doing all this for you.

risk free.

It has localization built-in to ensure only local guests can request a song and tell if they like it -- though anyone can see what's currently playing. For large parties where no risk can be afforded, YouBox will have an admin panel that allows to mark requests as spam. We are also working on an automatic spam filter that will learn from this.